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MAY 7 

What does boating look like in the near future?

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Mark Bunzel, along with Lorena and Leonard Landon, answer your questions and provide information about where you can go boating and how you can do so safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

MAY 28

Boating Update

Lt. Alex Cropley & Waggoner Cruising Guide

Special guest Lt. Alex Cropley and the Waggoner Guide team provide an update. 



When Boating opens in the San Juan Islands

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

Tune in for important updates on the San Juan's boating opening. 



When will the Canadian Border be open for boating in BC?

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

Tune in for an informative update with a panel of guests from the Canadian Recreational Boating Industry including, Craig Norris (CEO Victoria International Marina), Don Prittie (GM Canoe Cove Marina, President of Boating BC), Pierre Landry (formerly Pierre's Echo Bay Marina), and Canadian/BC Government officials. 



More Great Places to Cruise. Updates on British Columbia, the San Juans, Central Puget Sound and Hood Canal

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

We have all of the latest updates for cruising in the Northwest and for making your cruising plans for the Canada Day and 4th of July weekends. We have the updates on special events and insights on how you can plan your summer boating. The Canada border will remain closed until at least July 21 and maybe longer. The Canadian marinas are open and welcoming Canadian guests. In the US almost all of the marinas are opening up for the season. Did you know that reservations are full for Friday Harbor for the 4th of July weekend, but they keep about 2/3 of their transient moorage available for “first-come, first served” moorage. And regular visitors know that there is plenty of space to anchor in front of the town.


July 2

Use Caution When Anchoring - You may be destroying sensitive eel grass areas

Waggoner Cruising Guide, Bart Christiaen from the WA Department of Natural Resources, Jim Norris - Waggoner Guide Coorrespondent and eelgrass consultant, and Tina Whitman, a marine life scientist with the Friends of the San Juans

In addition to our weekly COVID-19 updates on closures and restrictions, we will be diving in to a new topic, anchoring and eel grass. For example, did you know that anchoring in Garrison or Westcott Bays, near Roche Harbor, appears to have destroyed the eel grass. There are a few things we boaters can do to preserve the eel grass and save new growth. Learn which popular anchorages are in eel grass protection areas.



Whale Wise Guidelines

Waggoner Cruising Guide with NMTA President George Harris and Julie Watson from WDFW

Let's talk whales and boating!



Cruising the South Sound

Waggoner Cruising Guide

The great summer weather is here in the Pacific Northwest and for US boaters who can’t go north - south is the way to go. Your show hosts all headed to the south sound this past week and they have a lot to report. There is a much to see and do in Puget Sound. But life is not perfect. While the marinas and towns are open many marinas are no longer taking slip reservations. We will give you many practical tips on how to find moorage or where to anchor. We will share our favorite destinations and an update on the best restaurants for dining outside or ordering take out to enjoy back on your boat. We will even tell you where to find the best prices for purchasing fuel. 



Cruising Puget Sound, South Puget Sound

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Join the NMTA and Waggoner crew as we describe some of the great places to cruise to in the South Puget Sound area. We are there right now gathering information and can describe the best places to go such as Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Pleasant Harbor and Hood Canal, Filucy Bay and its beautiful views of Mt. Rainier, Poulsbo and Port Townsend. The weather is beautiful and the cruising is fantastic. Join us on Thursday, July 23 to hear more. Also send in your questions to and we will pose them to our experts at the Waggoner Cruising Guide.


We will also present all of the latest updates for other cruising destinations including British Columbia and SE Alaska during the first 15 minutes of the show.



Techniques for Anchoring Your Boat 

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Many fear anchoring out for an overnight stay at many of the beautiful, quiet anchorages in the Northwest. Seattle Boat Show LIVE will cover this timely topic as summer cruising moves into the prime summer season. 


With a few practical tips, anchoring in your favorite cove can be easy and secure, for a good night's sleep on the hook.



Let's Save a Marina

Waggoner Cruising Guide & Recreational Boating Association of Washington

Join us on Thursday, August 6th, at 7:00 p.m. for a special Seattle Boat Show LIVE presentation, with highlights about the historic Lakebay Marina and the campaign to save the marina for public use.



How to Be a Good Co-Captain or First Mate

Waggoner Cruising Guide with Special Guests

A good Co-Captain or First Mate can be a huge help when managing all of the details for a boating trip. A knowledgeable extra set of eyes and hands can add to your safety and enjoyment on the water too. 


We will talk with three cruising couples for ideas and tips on how they work together to make their boating fun and safe. They have figured out how to divide up the boating duties for what works for them. For one couple, she is the captain as her boat handling skills are better. For another couple, they change off being captain every other year. And for one couple - after years of cruising in the Northwest to Alaska and down through Mexico - they have just figured it out. They are both skilled mariners and have their boating duties sorted out and sometimes overlapping. We will discuss tips for cruising couples and many tips for use when going out for the day with a buddy. There will be more than a few laughs as we all learn a few tips for having fun while cruising.






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