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What does it take to run a boatyard?

Have you ever thought about what it takes to run a boatyard? How do you balance the needs of the customer with the needs of the environment? What are the regulations that boatyards must adhere to when pressure washing boats, replacing zincs, sandblasting and making fiberglass repairs? What about bottom preparations and bottom painting for your vessel? Can individuals work on their own boat in a boatyard? Are these regulations harming or benefitting the boating industry? Join us on June 17th at 7 p.m. PDT with our guest George Harris, President of NMTA (Northwest Marine Trade Association), and guest Phil Riise of Seaview Boatyard to learn more about the industry standard and best practices. Phil and his family are the owners of Seaview Boatyards with locations in Seattle, Bellingham, and Fairhaven.

June 17



June 10

Derelict Vessel Removal - How it works and how you can help

Troy Wood, DNR

Have you wondered how to report an abandoned or derelict vessel that poses a navigation hazard or threat to the environment? Or would like to learn more about how the Derelict Vessel Program works? Perhaps someone you know needs information about how they can turn-in their vessel, or what options are available for disposal. Guest, Troy Wood, Derelict Vessel Removal Program Manager for DNR (Dept. of Natural Resources), is an expert on the topic and is happy to answer your questions. Join Troy, along with NMTA and Waggoner hosts on June 10 at 7 p.m. PDT to learn more about this important topic.


June 3

Boating and Boat Building in Finland

Brian Krantz, Inside Passage Yacht Sales

Join guest speaker Brian Krantz on June 3rd at 7 p.m. PDT to learn about boating and boat building in Finland. Did you know that Sargo boats are 100% hand-made in Finland and are available for purchase or sea trial in Anacortes, Washington? Brian Krantz, an avid boater and boat dealer represents various makes and models, with a special appreciation for the tuff and well-built Sargo. Join NMTA and Waggoner on June 3rd to learn more about the boating experience in Finland; Learn about the unique Sargo boat building center and it’s seaside location. Join us with your enthusiastic questions as we depart on a fun trip to Finland.


May 27

State Grants that benefit the Boating Community

Allison Dellwo and Karl Jacobs, RCO Grant Managers

Learn about the latest status of Lakebay Marina and other acquisitions, marina improvements, and boating projects that benefit from program grants offered through RCO (Recreation Conservation Office) of Washington State. Guests Allison Dellwo and Karl Jacobs, Grant Managers for RCO, will walk us through what types of projects qualify for grants, who can apply, and how projects are evaluated and scored. Learn about the many in-water and upland projects that have benefited the boating community over the years.


May 20

Hiring a Delivery Captain - a Viable Option

Jack De Friel - Yacht Deliveries NW

Are you wanting to cruise to far-off places but perhaps don’t have the needed time to reach your destination, or perhaps you don’t want to deal with the uncertainties of the U.S./Canada border? Why not hire a Delivery Captain to take your vessel to your desired location. You will have the convenience of arriving by air and joining up with your vessel at a specified marina. Hear Captain Jack De Friel of Yacht Deliveries NW alongside NMTA and Waggoner for this interesting topic.


May 13

Largest Public Marina on the West Coast – Better Than Ever

Jeff Lindhout, Kate Anderson - Port of Everett

Did you know that the Port of Everett Marina is the largest public marina on the West Coast? And it’s getting bigger and better than ever, with on-going extensive development of the uplands, along with new and improved docks. The Port of Everett Marina is on a fast-track to becoming a first-class destination for boaters of the Pacific Northwest. Join Waggoner and NMTA on May 13th at 7 p.m. PDT to learn more from our guests Kate Anderson and Jeff Lindhout about the new features and activities happening at the Port of Everett Marina – new restaurants; a splash park; apartments and a hotel; summer concerts, movies, and festivals; a new pedestrian bridge connecting the waterfront to Grand Avenue; trails & beaches; and tours of the Port’s working waterfront. Join us for this fun and entertaining look at the latest offerings found at the Port of Everett Marina.


May 6

Transit Through B.C. - The Harsh Reality

Craig Norris - Victoria International Marina

Are you thinking about a Transit Through B.C. to cruise in Southeast Alaska this summer? There are many logistics and challenges to consider before making such a decision. Join Waggoner Team hosts and NMTA, along with our guest Craig Norris from Victoria International Marina in British Columbia to learn more about the pros and cons, and the how for a Transit-Through B.C. waters under current Covid restrictions.


April 29

The Sunsetting of Raster Charts and the Dawn of ENC's

Crescent Moegling, NOAA

NOAA is in its second year of a five-year process to end all raster chart products. The sunsetting of raster charts also means the dawn of improved electronic navigational charts, including large scale coverage, data consistency, and a new grid system. Crescent Moegling, NOAA’s Northwest & Pacific Islands Navigation Manager, will be joining NMTA and Waggoner on April 29 at 7 p.m. PDT to explain the sunsetting process and the implementation of the NOAA ENC National Charting Plan. You won’t want to miss hearing about this important topic, along with other navigation tips. Bring your drinks, questions, and stories.


April 8

Cruising the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada

Lisa McLean, Le Boat

Did you know that you can charter a Le Boat to explore the Rideau Canal, an inland waterway in Ontario Canada? The Le Boat charter business arrived in Canada in 2018, and established a fleet of canal boats like those based in Europe. Lisa McLean, Sales & Marketing Manager for North American Le Boat, will be sharing the many reasons to boat Ontario’s UNESCO World Heritage Rideau Canal. Join Waggoner and NMTA on Thursday, April 8th at 7 p.m. PDT to learn about the history, picturesque towns, wildlife, and the 47 locks along the 125-mile Rideau Canal that takes you from Ottawa to Kingston. Come ride along with us on one of North America’s most interesting navigable waterways.


April 1

Fuel Polishing and the Fuel Tank Cleaning Process

Kalen Welter, West Coast Tank

Has your boat been sitting idle all year during Covid-19? Or perhaps you have an older boat that’s overdue for fuel tank cleaning. No one wants to experience clogged fuel lines when dealing with choppy seas during a cruise. Join Kalen Welter of West Coast Tank, along with NMTA and Waggoner hosts, to learn more about fuel polishing and the importance of keeping your fuel tank clean. Learn about microbiological growth, bacteria and fungi, which eventually causes corrosion and pits in your fuel tank. Bring your questions that you’ve always wanted to ask – How do I know if my tank needs cleaning? How are fuel tanks repaired? How often is fuel polishing necessary? What about fuel additives and onboard fuel filters? – these and other questions will be covered during a lively discussion around this important topic.



Working Remotely from your Boat – Staying Connected Reliably

Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell, a Marine Electronics Design Consultant, helps boaters choose and design systems that allow redundant and reliable connectivity for working professionals. As a consultant, Steve does extensive research and field tests on various products. His respected website,, is loaded with helpful information. Learn all the tricks of the trade on how to put a system together for your boat.

Aspen Mackenzie River Artic adventure ph


The Arctic Adventure

Larry Graf, Aspen Power Catamarans

Guest speaker Larry Graf will be joining us March 18 on the NMTA/Waggoner webcast at 7 p.m. to share his Northwest Territories boating adventure down the Mackenzie River to the Artic Ocean aboard his 34-foot Aspen, the same waters explorer Mackenzie first saw in the 1800’s. Larry spent two weeks and traveled 2,200 miles in some of the most pristine and untouched waters in the world. Join us to learn more about this incredible journey – where they got fuel, villages they visited, and how they dealt with weather and river current.



Communications – Latest Options for Internet Connection from Your Boat

Doug Miller, Milltech Marine

Join Doug Miller of Milltech Marine, along with NMTA and Waggoner for an interactive discussion regarding maintaining an internet connection while cruising. Learn about WiFi boosters, cellular boosters for phone and data, cell plans, antennas, and LTE routers. Discover the options to make it all work in today’s virtual-meeting bandwidth demands.



SR3 – Sea Life Response, Rehab and Research

Casey Mclean

Casey Mclean, Executive Director and Veterinary Nurse will discuss SR3’s efforts to build the first dedicated marine animal rehabilitation center in the Pacific Northwest. Hear Casey's first-hand accounts about marine animal rehabilitation, threats our local wildlife face and the need for this hospital in our region. You will also learn about the organization's work to help save entangled whales and drive conservation efforts for Southern Resident killer whales.



S/V Kings Pride: The refit of a classic cruising sailboat as a learning experience.

Skagit Valley College Marine Technology Program

Some of us need to stay in touch from remote locations while we are out enjoying cruising in the Northwest or offshore. When cell phones won't due, Satellite is our next best option. Luckily the costs are coming down and there are different options now available. Local expert, Jeff Thomassen and his wife Katie from Ocens will join Seattle Boat Show LIVE on Thursday, February 18th from 7pm to 8pm to give us a complete update on the different options for data, text and voice communications using the different satellite networks and devices now available for purchase or rental. Jeff's company, Ocens, provides satellite communications for many of the oceanic sailing races and global  cruisers who need to keep in touch when out at sea.



Using Satellite Communications on  Your Boat to Keep in Touch

Jeff Thomassen - OCENS

Some of us need to stay in touch from remote locations while we are out enjoying cruising in the Northwest or offshore. When cell phones won't due, Satellite is our next best option. Luckily the costs are coming down and there are different options now available. Local expert, Jeff Thomassen and his wife Katie from Ocens will join Seattle Boat Show LIVE on Thursday, February 18th from 7pm to 8pm to give us a complete update on the different options for data, text and voice communications using the different satellite networks and devices now available for purchase or rental. Jeff's company, Ocens, provides satellite communications for many of the oceanic sailing races and global  cruisers who need to keep in touch when out at sea.



Living aboard and moving to SE Alaska

Chuck Wengenroth

Having just moved to Southeast Alaska, guest Chuck Wengenroth will be sharing his lifestyle living aboard his vessel in the community of Sitka, Alaska. Learn how he and crew successfully did a transit through B.C. during Covid-19, how they endured gale warnings, and re-started their careers as RN’s. Their Journey began with a trip to Puget Sound from San Francisco before continuing to SE Alaska last summer. They will be sharing first-hand recommendations for preparing the boat and making preparations for a move to Southeast Alaska, all from the boater’s perspective.



Winter Cruising in SE Alaska

Jim and Rosy Addington

Have you ever thought about spending the winter on your boat in Southeast Alaska? Or perhaps you plan to cruise in Southeast Alaska this spring and summer, then liveaboard during the winter months to

begin a second season. Join the NMTA/Waggoner Webinar hosts and their guests, Jim and Rosy Addington, currently living aboard their vessel, Sea Venture, located somewhere in Southeast Alaska.

Learn where they have been, and what they have learned. Tune in this Thursday, February 4th at 7 p.m. to hear about winter cruising in Southeast Alaska and get inspired.



Live from Seattle Boat Show Connected with Sam Devlin!

Sam Devlin, Boat Builder

 Have you ever thought about spending the winter on your boat in Southeast Alaska? Or perhaps you plan to cruise in Southeast Alaska this spring and summer, then liveaboard during the winter months to

begin a second season. Join the NMTA/Waggoner Webinar hosts and their guests, Jim and Rosy Addington, currently living aboard their vessel, Sea Venture, located somewhere in Southeast Alaska.

Learn where they have been, and what they have learned. Tune in this Thursday, February 4th at 7 p.m. to hear about winter cruising in Southeast Alaska and get inspired.



Instead of chartering, buy a boat on Craigslist in an exotic location, and then sell it!

Jake Beattie, Executive Director, Northwest Maritime Center

 Imagine this. Buy a boat sight unseen on Craig’s List in an exotic location. Bring your tools and allow time to fix up the boat. Cruise among exotic islands. At the end of your vacation, post the boat for sale on Craig’s List and sell it. Crazy? Maybe not. Tune in to hear how Jake Beattie, the Executive Director of the Northwest Maritime Center, did just this in two exotic locations and had the adventure of a lifetime.



Paddleboarding from Port Townsend to Alaska in 2 Weeks!

Karl Kruger

Who says you need a big boat to go to Alaska? Karl Krueger showed it can be done in 2 weeks on his paddleboard! Hear how he did it as part of the 2019 Race to Alaska. Learn about how he prepared and how he did underway starting from Port Townsend and Victoria and then on up to Ketchikan, Alaska. Karl is an experienced Inside Passage Cruiser but this was a unique trip with many unusual experiences.



Living the Dream with a Two-year family cruise in the Caribbean

Pete & Kirsten McGonable

Pete McGonagle has it all. A wonderful family with his wife Kirsten, a 52’ Amazon Steel hull sailing sloop, a successful business with Swiftsure Yachts in Seattle. There was only one thing missing on his master bucket list. He wanted to take his family for a 2 year cruise in the Caribbean so that they too could – Live the Dream – like he had helped so many of his customers do. Pete and Kirsten will join us this Thursday, January 7 and tell us how they prepared for and took their two year adventure leaving business, school, their home and everything behind. It was not easy but they did it and were able to take the trip of a lifetime.


Warning – This show will contain cruising pictures with deep blue waters, warm sandy beaches with quaint beach front towns and villages. You too could decide you want to do he same after watching this show.



Exploring the M/V Freedom

Shawn & Elizabeth, owners

MV Freedom is a 2004 Nordhavn 43' trawler proudly owned and operated by Shawn and Elizabeth along with their boat dog, Mr. Sully (RIP to our beloved Sandy who passed away in December 2019). Prior to owning Freedom, Shawn & Elizabeth owned MV Orca, a 40' Searay, a 36' Carver Sport Sedan and a 24' Glastron Cruiser that started their boating journeys. In March 2020, they moved aboard Freedom full time in Seattle, WA and enjoy cruising within Puget Sound, north into British Columbia and down the west coast into Oregon. After years of dreaming and scheming, Shawn & Elizabeth found their dream boat and aptly named her Freedom to signify what she represents to them and the life she can make possible...a life at sea with the freedom to safely explore destinations most people can't get to by car, plane or train. They are currently planning to cruise around the globe starting with Alaska in 2021!



New Weather Models Coming From NOAA and what it means for more accurate forecasts.

Bruce Hedrick

For those of us very interested in following the weather and weather forecasts, there is new news coming from NOAA. They are about to announce significant improvements in the ability to forecast the weather with more detail than ever before. To help us understand this we will be joined by Bruce Hedrick, a well known local weather router and sailing tactician. Bruce is also a former chairman of the NMTA Board of Trustees and the former Managing Editor of Northwest Yachting magazine. Bruce will tell us more about the mysterious world of weather models and the use of government information to make a go or no-go decision for a boating trip. Bruce will fill us in on the main things to look for in gathering your weather information on the web. He will tell us about some of the handy tools such as or PredictWind and how to use them.



San Juan Preservation Trust

Craig Canine, Director of Communications & Outreach

Thanks to the dedicated work of the San Juan Preservation Trust, numerous properties in the San Juan’s have been preserved and dedicated as wildlife habitats, nature preserves, or working farms and forests in perpetuity. Many of these sites are open to the public, offering fabulous views and hiking trails maintained by the Trust. Take Turtleback Mountain on Orcas Island as an example. The west end of the island would look much different today if a developer had bought the property and populated the side of Turtleback Mountain with homes or condos. The view would be much different today. When you look at the map of sites acquired by the San Juan Preservation Trust, you can see the breadth of properties that are now protected from future development and preserved for generations to come.


Craig Canine will be telling us about some of the exciting properties you might want to visit by boat and why these properties are so special. He will also tell us about future plans for some of these sites.



Cruising Long Passages

John and Amanda Neal - Mahina Expeditions

Amanda and John spend seven months at sea sailing 10,000 miles annually, with over 700,000 miles logged collectively. Tune in to learn everything you've ever wondered about long distance cruising. 



The State of Nautical Charts produced by the Canadian Hydrographic Services 

Mark LaBlanc - Director Pacific Region, Canadian Hydrographic Services 

How do those wonderful Canadian charts get produced? There is an entire team of specialists, located just west of the Sidney, BC International Airport that manage the charting data for this region. We are pleased to have Mark LaBlanc, the Director of the Pacific Region for the Canadian Hydrographic Services as our guest to tell us about the challenges they are facing as they evolve and transition to new ways of producing and distributing mapping and other information of interest to recreational boaters. 



Preparing your boat for the winter

Shaun Quinn, Salish Marine

You can feel the chill in the air telling you it is time to prepare your boat for the winter. On this episode of Seattle Boat Show LIVE we will cover the steps of what to do to get your boat ready for the winter. Waggoner Editors Mark Bunzel, Leonard Landon and Lorena Landon will go through the steps they go through to prepare their boats for the winter. Mechanic Shaun Quinn will keep them honest and add his input as a professional mechanic and even tell of some of the mistakes he has seen boat owners make that end up costing them money. Join us on Thursday night Nov 5 from 7-8pm on Seattle Boat Show LIVE to learn more about what you can do, or have your mechanic do, to get your boat ready for the winter



AIS and VHF Radio Re-imagined 

Doug Miller, Milltech

Vesper, the leading designer and manufacturer of AIS systems, has just released their new Cortex system. Cortex takes a fresh new look at the VHF radio and combines it with AIS and boat monitoring into a new system that also offers many new capabilities. 


Lets say your AIS system alerts you to a possible collision. Wouldn't it be great if you could use your radio's DSC capability to alert and directly communicate with the other vessel. Done. 

Or, wouldn't it be great to have an anchor watch system that could alert you via your smartphone if your boat is dragging while you are away onshore. Or, how about a system that can let you know that your boat is taking water while sitting in its slip in the marina due to a leak in a through-hull. 


Through an intelligent design, Vesper has built many new capabilities into this system.  Our AIS expert, Doug Miller of Milltech will be our guest to talk about this exciting new system. Join us on Thursday October 29th, from 7p - 8p to learn more about the future of marine communications with the Cortex system.



Understanding Insurance Coverage

Aaron Barnett, Washington Sea Grant

Accidents happen. And when they do you hopefully have the insurance coverage to pay for the damages. Understanding coverage and the language of insurance can be confusing when you buy an insurance policy. And if you have to file a claim - the confusion could be finding out you don't have the coverage you need or you did not understand the limits of your policy.


Peter Ricks, from Novamar Insurance Group will be joining us on Thursday October 22nd from 7p - 8p, to help us all understand marine insurance. What coverage should you have to cover your vessel, your crew, yourself and even another boat or the environment. And if the unfortunate happens, what are some of the tips you should know about reporting an accident and filing an insurance claim. This webcast could save you money by making sure you know more about having the right coverage and how to work with your insurance company to cover a claim.



Pumpout - there is an app for that!

Aaron Barnett, Washington Sea Grant

Planning for pumpout is just as critical as planning for water, provisioning or getting rid of garbage. It used to be that we could just pump our effluent overboard. No longer. It is against the law in the Salish Sea right up to the Canadian border, and in many places in Canada it is prohibited. Washington Sea Grant has taken the lead on pumpout education and information. In partnership with the Washington State Parks Clean Vessel Act program, Wsshington Sea Grant manages the popular Pumpout Washington program, which educates boaters about the importance of proper sewage disposal, informs them about where to find pumpout stations, helps marina operators secure grants to install more stations and advises on the deployment of mobile pumpout services on heavily used waters. In the past year, more than 8.3 million gallons that would previously have been dumped into vulnerable waterways were instead collected for safe onshore treatment, thanks largely to training, outreach and federal funds provided by the pumpout program.


Washington Sea Grant's Aaron Barnett will be joining us on Thursday, October 15th from 7p - 8p.  to present a new program to help find the nearest pumpout location with an app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is called Pumpout Nav and is free on either the IOS or Android platforms. The app will map out the nearest pumpout stations and give you the distance and direction. This is a pretty convenient way of getting to the nearest pumpout - when your tank is full.



Cooking on Your Boat in the PNW

Carol Buchan

Cooking on a boat offers its challenges. The galley is typically small and you may not have all the tools you have at home. Your crew is often famished especially if it is the middle of a race on a spirited day on the water. But there is the motivation with a family or crew that says “Everything tastes better on a boat.”


Northwest sailor and racer Carol Buchan has prepared a new book, Northwest Cooking Afloat. Through her photography, stories and her selection of compelling recipes she has captured the essence of why we boat in the Pacific Northwest where cooking and sharing a scrumptious meal on board for many of us is part of the allure.


The concept for this book started during a 10 day race around Vancouver Island when the joke began of the need for a cookbook entitled “Meals you can serve in a mug”. Carol goes beyond this with a collection of meals that can be prepared on board to satisfy a hungry and demanding crew. Like any great cookbook, her stories and photography gives you the motivation to dive in and prepare something memorable.


Watch this episode to see some of Carol’s ideas and recipes for the quick Happy Hour appetizer and elegant and easy to prepare lunches or dinners on board. She even has that breakfast to warm you up before you slip the mooring for a day of cruising in the Northwest.



Understanding AIS

Doug Miller, Milltech

AIS offers a lot of new capabilities to mariners on the water. It is another tool for collision avoidance and going forward may be a new means of receiving weather information and even critical navigation information. The cost to add AIS keeps coming down and it may be a small additional cost to add it to the marine electronics on your boat. Learn more about AIS with our guest, Doug Miller of Milltech in Port Orchard. Doug is one of the leading experts on AIS and can answer your questions during the show.



Understanding Seasickness - "Don't Rock the Boat"   

Annie Feyereisen, Harborview nurse and boater

Nothing can ruin a passage faster than one crewmember getting seasick, or worse the captain!

There are things you can do for someone prone to seasickness.


Annie Feyereisen, a live-aboard boater and Harborview Hospital nurse has come up with a number of recommendations to prevent or deal with seasickness. This webcast will take a fun look at what you can do covering techniques, remedies, medications and best practices to prevent sea sickness. At Seattle Boat Show LIVE we want to help you have fun on the water by understanding the weather, tides and currents, trip planning and this Thursday from 7-8p, how to prevent seasickness. Join us.



Tides and Currents for Safe and Comfortable Cruising

Kevin Monahan, Canadian Coast Guard

Knowing the state of the Tides and Currents can make your passage more comfortable, faster and save on fuel. In some places knowing the state of the current can even save a life - yours.


Kevin Monahan, the Editor of the Ports and Passes Tide and Current Guide, will share his knowledge as a former Professional Mariner, Canadian Coast Guard Captain, and a fisherman. He will share his tips on how to understand the Tides and Currents and when conditions can be dangerous and should be avoided. Adjusting your departure a few hours could save you time and fuel when you know which direction and the speed of a tidal change. Or, it could keep you from going aground in beautiful places like Shallow Bay on Sucia Island. Tune in to Seattle Boat Show LIVE this Thursday, September 17th between 7p - 8p to learn more. 


Next week on Thursday, September 24th, tune in for our webcast on Avoiding Seasickness with boater and Harborview nurse, Annie Feyereisen.  


Seattle Boat Show LIVE is sponsored by The Groesbeck Group, experts on waterfront real estate and docks in Anacortes.



Understanding Fall Weather for Safe and Comfortable Boating

Mark Bunzel, Waggoner Cruising Guie

The weather in the fall in the Pacific Northwest can be beautiful for cruising. But it is also a seasonal transition. Like this past weekend, you can have beautiful sunny skies and a few hours later wind leading to rough seas, still under sunny skies. Knowing just a little bit about weather patterns can help you to anticipate tough weather conditions. We will look at actual examples as reported on the different weather services on the internet to understand when there could be "challenging" weather to help you make a go or no-go decision to go boating. Waggoner Guide editor, Mark Bunzel, will present his process for gathering the weather information you need to have a safe and comfortable trip.



Let's go fishing!

Sponsored by: The Groesbeck Group realty

Fishing  - Catching Fish


  1.      Different ways to catch fish – keep it simple

  2.      Great places to fish – know the areas

  3.      Mind the regulations before you go

  4.      Crabbing and Prawning – are also fishing

  5.      State resources and website –

  6.      Bait and Tackle shops are a great resource

  7.      Book a charter to learn how to fish

  8.      What do you do once you catch them – great ways to cook and prepare fish.

  9.      Innovative ways to catch fish at the dock – using fresh banana bread!



My Boat is Sinking!

Waggoner Cruising Guide with Mike Beemer, Marine Tech Instructor

Recently a local boat on its way south through the San Juan Islands started to fill with water due to a corroded exhaust system. The boat's pumps did not work and the two yacht brokers delivering the boat were in big trouble. They called out a MAYDAY and luckily local Marine Tech Instructor, Mike Beemer and his crew, fishing nearby responded. We have the video.


Mike stepped on board the sinking vessel and in addition to troubleshooting the leak he brought his "pump in a bucket" and probably saved the boat from sinking. Here the steps he took.


You can make your own "pump in a bucket" system and have this valuable safety tool available to save your boat, or someone else's. Mike and former Coast Guard member Art Hebert, both instructors at the Skagit Valley College Marine Tech program in Anacortes will describe the incident and tell you how you can create your own "pump in a bucket" - Just in Case.

Whale Research


Be Whale Wise

Puget Sound Partnership, NMTA, Waggoner Cruising Guide

Looking to head out soon on a boat? You won’t be alone. Not only are boat sales up in June and July by 33% over the same months last year, but also the Southern Resident Killer Whales might accompany you, too. This Thursday, we will revisit the topic of the laws and best practices around boating and whales and what you should do if/when you encounter these Endangered Species. Special guest Todd Hass, the special assistant to the director of the Puget Sound Partnership, and NMTA’s President/CEO George Harris will join co-hosts Mark Bunzel and Peter Schrappen on boating best practices. Plus, hear the latest updates on boating that you’ve come to love from Leonard and Lorena Landon from the Waggoner Guide and Coorespondents Dan and Karin Leech. 

Sailing Time


How to Be a Good Co-Captain or First Mate

Waggoner Cruising Guide with Special Guests

A good Co-Captain or First Mate can be a huge help when managing all of the details for a boating trip. A knowledgeable extra set of eyes and hands can add to your safety and enjoyment on the water too. 


We will talk with three cruising couples for ideas and tips on how they work together to make their boating fun and safe. They have figured out how to divide up the boating duties for what works for them. For one couple, she is the captain as her boat handling skills are better. For another couple, they change off being captain every other year. And for one couple - after years of cruising in the Northwest to Alaska and down through Mexico - they have just figured it out. They are both skilled mariners and have their boating duties sorted out and sometimes overlapping. We will discuss tips for cruising couples and many tips for use when going out for the day with a buddy. There will be more than a few laughs as we all learn a few tips for having fun while cruising.



Let's Save a Marina

Waggoner Cruising Guide & Recreational Boating Association of Washington

Join us on Thursday, August 6th, at 7:00 p.m. for a special Seattle Boat Show LIVE presentation, with highlights about the historic Lakebay Marina and the campaign to save the marina for public use.

Nautical Rope


Techniques for Anchoring Your Boat 

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Many fear anchoring out for an overnight stay at many of the beautiful, quiet anchorages in the Northwest. Seattle Boat Show LIVE will cover this timely topic as summer cruising moves into the prime summer season. 


With a few practical tips, anchoring in your favorite cove can be easy and secure, for a good night's sleep on the hook.



Cruising Puget Sound, South Puget Sound

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Join the NMTA and Waggoner crew as we describe some of the great places to cruise to in the South Puget Sound area. We are there right now gathering information and can describe the best places to go such as Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Pleasant Harbor and Hood Canal, Filucy Bay and its beautiful views of Mt. Rainier, Poulsbo and Port Townsend. The weather is beautiful and the cruising is fantastic. Join us on Thursday, July 23 to hear more. Also send in your questions to and we will pose them to our experts at the Waggoner Cruising Guide.


We will also present all of the latest updates for other cruising destinations including British Columbia and SE Alaska during the first 15 minutes of the show.



Cruising the South Sound

Waggoner Cruising Guide

The great summer weather is here in the Pacific Northwest and for US boaters who can’t go north - south is the way to go. Your show hosts all headed to the south sound this past week and they have a lot to report. There is a much to see and do in Puget Sound. But life is not perfect. While the marinas and towns are open many marinas are no longer taking slip reservations. We will give you many practical tips on how to find moorage or where to anchor. We will share our favorite destinations and an update on the best restaurants for dining outside or ordering take out to enjoy back on your boat. We will even tell you where to find the best prices for purchasing fuel. 



Whale Wise Guidelines

Waggoner Cruising Guide with NMTA President George Harris and Julie Watson from WDFW

Let's talk whales and boating!


July 2

Use Caution When Anchoring - You may be destroying sensitive eel grass areas

Waggoner Cruising Guide, Bart Christiaen from the WA Department of Natural Resources, Jim Norris - Waggoner Guide Coorrespondent and eelgrass consultant, and Tina Whitman, a marine life scientist with the Friends of the San Juans

In addition to our weekly COVID-19 updates on closures and restrictions, we will be diving in to a new topic, anchoring and eel grass. For example, did you know that anchoring in Garrison or Westcott Bays, near Roche Harbor, appears to have destroyed the eel grass. There are a few things we boaters can do to preserve the eel grass and save new growth. Learn which popular anchorages are in eel grass protection areas.



More Great Places to Cruise. Updates on British Columbia, the San Juans, Central Puget Sound and Hood Canal

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

We have all of the latest updates for cruising in the Northwest and for making your cruising plans for the Canada Day and 4th of July weekends. We have the updates on special events and insights on how you can plan your summer boating. The Canada border will remain closed until at least July 21 and maybe longer. The Canadian marinas are open and welcoming Canadian guests. In the US almost all of the marinas are opening up for the season. Did you know that reservations are full for Friday Harbor for the 4th of July weekend, but they keep about 2/3 of their transient moorage available for “first-come, first served” moorage. And regular visitors know that there is plenty of space to anchor in front of the town.



When will the Canadian Border be open for boating in BC?

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

Tune in for an informative update with a panel of guests from the Canadian Recreational Boating Industry including, Craig Norris (CEO Victoria International Marina), Don Prittie (GM Canoe Cove Marina, President of Boating BC), Pierre Landry (formerly Pierre's Echo Bay Marina), and Canadian/BC Government officials. 



When Boating opens in the San Juan Islands

Waggoner Cruising Guide with special guests

Tune in for important updates on the San Juan's boating opening. 


MAY 28

Boating Update

Lt. Alex Cropley & Waggoner Cruising Guide

Special guest Lt. Alex Cropley and the Waggoner Guide team provide an update. 


MAY 7 

What does boating look like in the near future?

Waggoner Cruising Guide

Mark Bunzel, along with Lorena and Leonard Landon, answer your questions and provide information about where you can go boating and how you can do so safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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