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Are boat dealers, brokerages, and marine businesses open?

Boat dealers and brokers in Washington are scheduled to reopen by May 15. Most marine businesses, repair, and service centers remain open as "essential" businesses under limited operations schedules. We advise you to call first.

How can I be a safe boater during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We encourage you to follow the following guidelines to #RecreateResponsibly.

Who am I allowed to boat with?

At the moment, you are only allowed to boat with members of your immediate family and household.

Will I receive assistance If I have mechanical Issues while boating during the COVID-19 crisis?

On-the-water towing assistance from major fleets like TowBoatUS and Sea Tow remain active and able to respond. In addition, search and rescue (SAR) and emergency personal from the US Coast Guard and most state agencies also remain active. However, due to the constantly changing nature of this emergency we highly recommend double-checking on all of the above, before taking out your boat.

Are there best practices for cleaning and disinfecting my boat?

Like many solid surfaces, the parts of your boat could temporarily house the COVID-19 virus. As long as you keep boating between you and your family, your boat in and of itself shouldn’t be any problem. But, what if you want to be extra cautious and disinfect your boat. In that case, go by the CDC recommendations. That means disinfecting surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants; however, you should remember that some of the approved disinfectants (like bleach or acids) can harm some of the surfaces of a boat. The canvas and vinyl are particularly subject to damage or discoloration if disinfecting chemicals are left on their surfaces. So, after disinfecting, be sure to give your boat a thorough wash-down. The most important thing overall is to maintain a clean boat.

Are State Park mooring buoys open?

Mooring buoys are open for dayuse. Currently, overnight stays on a mooring buoy are prohibited.

What if there is bad weather? Can I take refuge with my boat in a safe harbor or at a dock overnight?

Boaters do so at their own risk. In an emergency situation, a boat can take refuge in park waters and contact the US Coast Guard on marine radio channel 16.

Are State Marine Park Docks Open?

Marine park docks are open for day-use and should not be used for overnight stays.

Am I allowed to anchor?

There is no specific restriction on anchoring. Only go ashore at State Park and DNR Public Lands and only during the daytime hours. Do not go ashore at other locations where local communities are not welcoming visitors.

Can I go boating in the San Juan Islands?

The San Juan County Council extended their ban on non-residents visiting the islands through May 31st and continue to prohibit any transient overnight accommodations, including marina guest moorage. Marinas in San Juan County remain closed to guest/transient moorage.

Are State Parks in San Juan Islands Open?

State marine parks within San Juan County are open for day-use. Park docks, mooring buoys, linear side-tie, uplands, trails, and beaches are open for day-use.

Can I boat to Canada?

The Canada - U.S. border remains closed until June 21.

Can I anchor overnight in the San Juan Islands?

Anchoring is allowed but do not go ashore for any reason, this includes taking the dog on shore. Residents do not want visitors anywhere on inhabited islands. The only uplands open are state parks, and only for day-use. Refrain from going ashore at state parks where island residents reside (for example, Spencer Spit, Stuart Island, English Camp etc.). Keep in mind that the San Juan County Council extended their ban on non-residents visiting the islands through May 31st.

What is "local" boating?

The State proclamation and its guidelines do not define or qualify ‘local’ in terms of distance,
time, or jurisdictional boundaries, such as city or county. It is left to the individual boater to
determine what is local. Some things to consider might be the boat and skipper’s preparedness for the planned trip. Is the planned itinerary self-reliant and without the need for fuel, water, provisions, and contingencies? Keep in mind that San Juan County doesn’t want any visitors for any reason.

Can I motor/sail at night?

The state directives imply that recreational boating should be confined to daylight and daytime hours. Combine this with the State’s request to boat locally. Also, nighttime boating is inherently not as safe as daytime; and during these Covid-19 times, it is best to avoid taking risks.

Can I boat to a destination marina that is open to guest boaters and stay overnight?

Yes, traveling by boat for non-essential travel is allowed and staying overnight at a marina that is open for guest moorage is allowed. Check the status of your planned destination.

Whre can I go fishing on my boat?

Visit the following sites for up to date fishing information and what's open and what's not: Washington - wdfw.wa.gov/about/covid-19-updates Oregon - myodfw.com/COVID-19 Idaho: idfg.idaho.gov/covid19 British Columbia - https://tinyurl.com/bcfishingrestrictions

What about DNR Public Lands & Marine Facilities?

DNR Public Lands and Marine Facilities are open for day-use. This includes DNR mooring buoys, uplands, beaches, trails, and facilities.

What lakes can I go boating at?

Most lakes, especially in Eastern Washington, and all lakes in Idaho, are open. Check before you go.

Does kayaking or paddleboarding count as recreational boating?

Since kayaking and paddle boarding are both human-powered forms of exercise, akin to bicycling, they are fully permitted. Guidance on social distancing and the prohibition on social gatherings must be strictly followed.

Are Seattle launch ramps open?

5/30 - Seattle Parks and Recreation Opens Two Saltwater Boat Launches with Strict Guidelines starting Saturday, May 30 Today Seattle Parks and Recreation announced that two of the City’s saltwater boat launches will be open for public use with strict social distancing guidelines--Eddie Vine near Golden Gardens in Northwest Seattle, and Don Armeni near Alki Beach in West Seattle will be open for use starting Saturday, May 30. Social distancing guidelines applicable for boat launches:Stay home if you are sick, and wash your hands frequentlyPlease give other boaters at least 6ft of space at all timesLaunching boats should be done as quickly as possible, with little to no lingering in the launch parking lotOnly go boating with those who live in your householdRefrain from linking up with other boats for gatherings/partiesWhile the ramps will be open consistent with park hours, during busier times the boat ramps will be staffed with employees who manage traffic and will collect data on social distancing compliance and boat launch usage. Only vehicles with boat trailers will be allowed in ramp parking lots. Additionally, the City is considering opening our freshwater launches in the coming weeks, but only if we can ensure that opening launches will not lead to increased gatherings or parties on boats (which are currently not yet permitted under the State’s Stay Home order). For info on boat ramp fees and permits check here. For questions or concerns related to Seattle’s boat launches please email pks_info@seattle.gov or call (206) 684-7249.

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